November 27, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

We had a great meeting today!

Brandon did a workshop on Evaluating to Motivate.  We learned that the most important job of the evaluator is to make sure the speaker wants to speak again, and then to provide them with something to work on when they do.

Matt Kinsey gave a test speech on Business Networking and then we broke into three groups led by Lois, Aimee and Jeanine.  Each group spent time going over the speech and writing an evaluation.  We then selected one person to evaluate in front of the group.  Dick, Rhonda and Sonali were our three evaluators.  Dick went first while Rhonda and Sonali were out of the room, then Rhonda came back and finally Sonali.  This allowed each groups presentation to be seen without knowing what the other groups had said.  Brandon wrapped up with similarities and differences between the groups and what we learned.

We had three guests – Ashley and Brett came back again this week and plan to join next week.  Sally visited us for the first time today.

The last piece of business today was discussing our Holiday Party.  The date has been changed to December 28th at Lois’ home.  It will be a pot luck with a white elephant gift exchange.  For those who did did join us last year, this was a great time of fun and fellowship.  Spouses welcome, but no children due to potential adult content and beverages. More details to follow.

Please remember that we will not be meeting on December 25th and January 1st, so the party is our chance to get together over the Holidays.