July 21, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

We had 2 guests in attendance today from Alabama, along with members: Brandon Kinsey, Peter Palmer, Lois Margolin, Benjamin Yen, Aimee Roger, Jeanine Kinsey, Nicholas Delfino, Derek Rolle, Rhonda Sternberg, Sonali Ravindrakumar, Greg Fuchs, Dick Linehan and Andy Bern.

Andy gave an impromptu research speech about water reclamation and Sonali gave us a speech about communication styles.

Nick led Table Topics and our guest Keitt and Greg F. answered questions

Derek evaluated Andy and Peter evaluated Sonali and gave them both some great feedback.

Congratulations to Benjamin Yen on earning his DTM! We have been waiting since June 26th for confirmation on his and Peter’s awards. Peter was confirmed last month.

Brandon reminded everyone about the TLI on August 15th. We will share registration information as soon as it is available.

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