July 28, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Andrew Bern, Jeanine Kinsey, Lois Margolin, Dick Linehan, Brandon Kinsey, Rhonda Sternberg, Greg Fuchs, Derek Rolle, Sonali Ravindrakumar, Benjamin Yen, Peter Palmer, Ching-Mei Yeh

Halle Gabrielle Farquharson invited by a friend
TM Elma P. Knowles invited by TM Derek Garcia Rolle
TM Gayle Roberts invited by TM Elma Knowles
TM Deandra Dorsette invited by TM Derek Rolle
TM Denise St.Vil invited by TM Garcia Rolle
TM Joreldo Fox
TM Sharell Lockhart
TM Barbara Saunders
TM Lapeedra Damianos
TM Godfrey Pinder

Rhonda gave a speech titled “The Dirty Dozen” about the IRS and scams to avoid, Derek spoke on “Unlock the Door” about coaching, and Ching-Mei repeated her Ice Breaker and gave us a chance to know her better.

Brandon ran Table Topics today:
Greg gave us an “Animal House” story
Deandra talked about her favorite fairy tales, Snow White and Cinderella
Benjamin spoke on what craze he wishes would just go away and Zombies in the Chinese culture.

Lois evaluated Rhonda, Andy evaluated Derek and Jeanine evaluated Ching-Mei.

Winners for the day:
Best Speaker: Rhonda Sternberg
Best Table Topics: Deandra Dorsette
Best Evaluator: Lois Margolin

Remember to mark your calendar for the August 15 TLI and the August 22 Speed Mentoring.

By Jeanine Kinsey

Jeanine has been a member of Toastmasters since August 2006. She has served in several club officer roles and district roles since then including District Treasurer, Conference Chair, District Webmaster, Division Governor, Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Lieutenant Governor Education & Training and District Director. She is a Web Designer, Consultant and speaker and enjoys sharing her stories of living "Blindsighted" with her audiences. She is also very active in her church and in the Boy Scouts and enjoys hiking, camping and reading in her spare time. She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

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