July 7, 2020 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:

Jeanine Kinsey, Brandon Kinsey, Dick Linehan, Sonali Ravindrakumar, Andrew Bern, Aimee Roger, Nicholas Delfino, Rhonda Sternberg,

Word of the day: Cantankerous

We had 1 prepared speaker today:

Brandon Kinsey provided his vision for the new year.

Focus on Member Incentives to keep our membership up as a club since that has been the primary reason we have missed being Distinguished over the years.

Education goals – getting at least 4 members to Levels 1 and 2, 2 members to level 3 and 2 members to Levels 4, 5 or DTM.

Jeanine provided Table Topics.  We learned about 5 unique degrees that we could earn and used pennies to pick 4 years to have members talk about a year.  Everyone got a chance to play today, including Jeanine.

Lois evaluated Brandon and gave him so great feedback on his speech today.

The International Convention is August 24-27 and will be completely free and online.


Be sure to sign up for next week’s meeting at www.outspokentoastmasters.org

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