August 25, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dick, Brandon, Jeanine, Lois, Greg F. Benjamin, Nick, Rhonda, Peter

Jeanine gave a speech about “Schooling during COVID-19” – she talked about 3 different school districts and how they are handling schooling this year.
Lois gave a speech about “Speech Contests, Lessons Learned” – she talked about how running contests changed when COVID-19 moved everything online last year.

Ben led Table Topics:
Are you happy with yourself? – Brandon
Do you belive in ghosts? – Rhonda
Is it ever wrong to do the right thing? Nick
Is there ever a time when giving up makes senses? Peter

Rhonda evaluated both or our speakers as a personal challenge to herself. She did a great job of providing feedback to Jeanine AND Lois today.

Best Table Topics for the day: Rhonda

Jeanine shared some resources related to her speech:

Peter said we still need contest chairs for September 15th and 29th.
Rhonda mentioned that there is a lot of great content on TI’s YouTube page – check it out.

August 18, 2020 Weekly Meeting

Andy, Jeanine, Derek, Brandon, Lois, Dick, Peter, Aimee, Ben, Nick

TM Amber Green from District 86

Word of the Day: noun
noun: suffrage
the right to vote in political elections.

Brandon spoke about the different Online education programs that are avaiable and how they are not all equal.

Andy was our Table Topics Master:
Aimee spoke about the 100th Anniversary of the women’s vote.
Amber spoke about the women being allowed to join and vote in Toastmaters almost 50 years ago
Derek spoke about club 1600 and women
Jeanine spoke about strong women in Toastmasters
Lois spoke about Toastmasers and ABWA and where she would recommend that young women get involved with
Dick spoke about the evolution of Womens involvement in suffrage

Lois evaluated Brandon

Winner of the day for Table Topics: Lois Margolin

Brandon spoke about our club website to update everyone on some glitches. To log in, you have to click on the Calendar and then scroll down to the meeting you want to sign up for and when you click on it, you will be asked to siegn in if you are not already. You can also sign up directly from the link in the emails, or as a last resort you can email Peter to sign up.

Club contests are September 15 is Humorous and Evaluation is September 29

August 11, 2020 Weekly Meeting Miuntes

Attendees: Andy, Jeanine, Sonali, Derek, Matt, Ching-Mei, Greg H., Lois, Dick, Brandon, Peter, Ben, Greg F., Rhonda and Nick

TM Ken visiting from District 7, Diana Rodriguez – Area Director
TM Sudha and Shukla from District 60

Ching-Mei shared some of the beuaty of her home country, Taiwan.
Jeanine lead the gift opening session for all of our members and recognized our educational awards and new officers
Diana introduced herslef as our Area Director and provided updates on upcoming events

Peter led Table Topics Today.
Matt Kinsey “I loves me kitty”
Greg Fuchs – Descibe a food or quisine that you tried and had no idea how to eat it – but he switched to cats
Shukla – Describe you pet Alligator, Chompers
Rhonda – deoxyribonucleic acid
Aimee – Tell us about your relationship with hot sauce
Nick – First time you travelled outside the US

Lois was the General Evaluator.
Derek evaluated Ching-Mei
Lois evaluated Derek’s evaluation for his project

Winner for best Table Topics: Aimee Roger

We need contest masters for both club contests on 9/15 and 9/29.
Area 20 Virtual Contest is October 10th at 1:00 PM

August 4, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

Jeanine, Brandon, Matt, Andy, Dick, Nick, Ching-Mei, Lois, Rhonda, Aimee, Peter, Benjamin,
Amy from D86 and Angela from D60

Word of the day: jabberwocky – meaningless speech or writing

Brandon talked about how Sign Language taught him to speak, Matt shard some personal stories about how important the messenger is when giving an important message to someone, and Ching-Mie shared the histroy of her home country, Taiwan.

Table topics – led by Dick

Aimee - why do cats and dogs have cold, wet noses? - talked about how her daughter is very curious
Angela - Why do all the Canadians come to Florida and drive slow? 
Nicholas - How far is up?
Amy - Florida is flat. Prove that the world is really round.
Peter - Why is the sky blue?

Lois evaluated Brandon, Andy evaluatoed Matt and Rhonda evaluated Ching-Mei.

Speaker: Matt
Table Topics: Nicholas
Evaluator: Lois

Upcoming events:
August 15th is the Virtual TLI: 8am – 1pm.
August 22nd is the Virutal Speed Mentoring Event –
August 24-29 is the Virtual International Convention –
Club Contests for September 15 will be the Humorous speech and September 29th will be the Evaluation Contest. We need chairs for both contests since Peter plans to compete.
It is Smedley Membership season – we are looking for 5 new members by September 30th so invite a friend.