August 25, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dick, Brandon, Jeanine, Lois, Greg F. Benjamin, Nick, Rhonda, Peter

Jeanine gave a speech about “Schooling during COVID-19” – she talked about 3 different school districts and how they are handling schooling this year.
Lois gave a speech about “Speech Contests, Lessons Learned” – she talked about how running contests changed when COVID-19 moved everything online last year.

Ben led Table Topics:
Are you happy with yourself? – Brandon
Do you belive in ghosts? – Rhonda
Is it ever wrong to do the right thing? Nick
Is there ever a time when giving up makes senses? Peter

Rhonda evaluated both or our speakers as a personal challenge to herself. She did a great job of providing feedback to Jeanine AND Lois today.

Best Table Topics for the day: Rhonda

Jeanine shared some resources related to her speech:

Peter said we still need contest chairs for September 15th and 29th.
Rhonda mentioned that there is a lot of great content on TI’s YouTube page – check it out.

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