Evaluation Contest Meeting – September 29, 2020

In attendance: Derek, Dick, Brandon, Peter, Aimee, Nick, Greg F. Rhonda, and Jeanine
Guest: Amber Kelly from FAU Toastmasters.

We held our Evaluation Speech Contest

Amber Kelly was our Test Speaker for the day and she spoke on “COVID Scare.”

Jeanine Kinsey and Rhonda Sternberg were our contestants.

While the contestants were writing their evaluations, Greg led Table Topics.

Derek spoke about Aaliyah Mysterio
Aimee spoke about the Presidential Debate
Nick spoke about “What did you binge watch during quarantine that you would rather we didn’t know about?”

Our winners for the Evaluation Contest are:
Jeanine Kinsey – 1st
Rhonda Sternberg – 2nd

The Area contest is at 1pm on October 10th and Jeanine will represent us for the Evaluation Contest and Peter Palmer will represent us for the Humorous Speech Contest.

September 22, 2020 Weekly Meeting

In Attendance: Jeanine Kinsey, Dick Linehan, Nick Delfino, Derek Rolle, Lois Margolin, Brandon Kinsey, Greg Fuchs, BenjaminYen, Peter Palmer,
Guest: Jenique Turnquest from FG Knights Toastmaters Club – invited by Derek Rolle.

Word of the day: factoid – an invented fact believed to be true because it appears in print

Lois spoke on here reflections on “Contest Season Challenges” and reviewed her 360 evaluation results.
Derek spoke on “Taste and No” and compared Pizza to our Character and how that impacts our communication with others.

Greg evaluated Lois
Jeanine evaluated Derek

Table Topics Winner: Brandon Kinsey

Next week is the Evaluation Contest for the club.
Peter is running this contest. We need to know who else is competing, and if you can help with a role.

The area contest is October 10th at 2pm.

September 15, 2020 Humorous Speech Contest

Today we held our annual Humorous Speech Contest.

In attendance were Brandon Kinsey, Lois Margolin, Jeanine Kinsey, Andrew Bern, Greg Fuchs, Peter Palmer, Derek Rolle, Dick Linehan, Rhonda Sternberg, Benjamin Yen, Ching Mei-Yu

Contestants were:

Andy Bern “The Phone Call”
Greg Fuchs “Cats (not the musical)
Peter Palmer “Honey, Look What I Bought…”

Rhonda and Benjamin answered Table Topics Questions about their memories of 9/11.

And the winners are…

First Place – Peter Palmer
Second Place – Andrew Bern
Third Place – Greg Fuchs

Our Club Evaluation Contest is September 29th.

Our Area Contest is October 10th at 2pm

September 8, 2020 Weekly Meeting

In attendance: Jeanine, Brandon, Lois, Andy, Dick, Ben, Peter

Lois gave us a demonstration of several new Zoom tools where we all got to try and learn together.

Lois lead Table Topics with a Star Trek Theme:
Dick: What would you do if the Trouble with Tribbles came to you? 1:42
Brandon: Tell us about Mr. MUDD 1:04
Andy: Tell us about real technology that has come from Star Trek 1:05
Peter: Pick 2 more technology items that came from Star Trek 1:54
Ben: Mirror Mirror – how did the good guys pretend to be bad guys? 2:38
Jeanine: Khan – what was his deal? 1:05

Next week is our Humorous Speech Contest. Please contact Jeanine Kinsey if you are planning to compete, or can help run the contest.

September 1, 2020 Weekly Meeting

In attendance: Dick, Jeanine, Peter, Brandon, Lois, Greg F., Andy, Nick, Ben, Rhonda

Guests: Angela Abrams, Angel Mosley former TM

Word of the day: Respite: a period of temporary delay; an interval of rest or relief

Andy spoke about a moment that changed his life and taught him not to write legibily.

Dick led Table Topics with a theme of Famous Quotes

Brandon “Doc, you made a time machine out of a Delorian?!”
Peter “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.”
Nick “General Custer, General Custer, can I have the rest of the day off?”
Andy “Here’s Johnny!”
Rhonda “We will assimilate you.”
Greg “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning!”
Lois “Did you change your underwear today?”
Ben “Four score and seven years ago”
Jeanine “High explosives never maim”

Greg Fuchs provided an evaluation for Andy’s speech.

Lois led a quick session on evaluating Table Topics
Dick “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”
1 minute evaluations by: Peter and Andy

Rhonda “When this when COVID thing is done I’m going to…”
1 minute evaluations by: Greg and Jeanine

Winners for the day:
Best Functionary Intro: Jeanine
Best Table Topics: Lois
Best Table Topic Evaluation for Dick: Andy
Best Table Topic Evaluation for Rhonda: Jeanine

Peter reminded us that he needs help with the contests. he will run the Evaluation, and Jeanine will run Humorous.