September 22, 2020 Weekly Meeting

In Attendance: Jeanine Kinsey, Dick Linehan, Nick Delfino, Derek Rolle, Lois Margolin, Brandon Kinsey, Greg Fuchs, BenjaminYen, Peter Palmer,
Guest: Jenique Turnquest from FG Knights Toastmaters Club – invited by Derek Rolle.

Word of the day: factoid – an invented fact believed to be true because it appears in print

Lois spoke on here reflections on “Contest Season Challenges” and reviewed her 360 evaluation results.
Derek spoke on “Taste and No” and compared Pizza to our Character and how that impacts our communication with others.

Greg evaluated Lois
Jeanine evaluated Derek

Table Topics Winner: Brandon Kinsey

Next week is the Evaluation Contest for the club.
Peter is running this contest. We need to know who else is competing, and if you can help with a role.

The area contest is October 10th at 2pm.

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