September 8, 2020 Weekly Meeting

In attendance: Jeanine, Brandon, Lois, Andy, Dick, Ben, Peter

Lois gave us a demonstration of several new Zoom tools where we all got to try and learn together.

Lois lead Table Topics with a Star Trek Theme:
Dick: What would you do if the Trouble with Tribbles came to you? 1:42
Brandon: Tell us about Mr. MUDD 1:04
Andy: Tell us about real technology that has come from Star Trek 1:05
Peter: Pick 2 more technology items that came from Star Trek 1:54
Ben: Mirror Mirror – how did the good guys pretend to be bad guys? 2:38
Jeanine: Khan – what was his deal? 1:05

Next week is our Humorous Speech Contest. Please contact Jeanine Kinsey if you are planning to compete, or can help run the contest.

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