Weekly Meeting Minutes – November 24, 2020

Present: Jeanine Kinsey, Andy Bern, Lois Margolin, Dick Linehan, Benjamin Yen, Brandon Kinsey, Nick Delfino, Brandum Davis, Greg Fuchs
Guest: Hart

We voted Brandum into the club
We received our President’s Distinguished Ribbon from TI

Word of the Day: nuance – a subtle distinction or variation

Benjamin spoke on “Manage Yourself and Adapt to the ever Changes in Life.”

Dick led Table Topics today:
Brandon – Explain centrifugal force (centripetal?)
Andy – Explain the nuance between accuracy and precision
Brandum – Explain the concept of inertia
Jeanine – Explain gravity
Nick – Explain googol in mathematics
Lois – Explain calorie in thermodynamics
Greg – Explain a first class lever
Ben – Where is the Magnetic North Pole?

Andy evaluated Ben’s speech

Best Table Topics Speaker: Andy

December 12 – Club Officer Training
February 13 – TLI

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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