Weekly Meeting Minutes – December 29, 2020

Present: Greg F., Lois, Jeanine, Nick, Dick, Ben, Rhonda, Matt, Andy, Peter

Lois spoke on “Yes, We Do Mature Over the Years”
Rhonda spoke on “You’ve Got Style”

Greg Fuchs led Table Topics

Peter – What is the best Christmas Present you received this year?
Dick – Whatis the best Christmas present you gave this year?
Andy – When the COVID vaccine is available, are you going to get it? Why or Why not?
Matt – Top trending name is Laurie Loughlin – what are your thoughts on her sentence?
Nick – Is 2021 going to be better than 2020?
Ben – What good thing came out of COVID for you in 2020?
Jeanine – What is the best Christmas Present you received this year?
Rhonda – What is the best present you gave or received?

Nick evaluated Lois and Ben evaluated Rhonda

Best Table Top speaker was Matt

Area 20 Contest – February 9
Club Contests will be the last 2 weeks in January
Table Topics Contestants so far – Rhonda, Peter,
International Contestants so far – Peter,

Weekly Meeting Minutes – December 22, 2020

Present: Jeanine, Lois, Rhonda, Ben, Nick, Brandon, Dick

Lois spoke on her Lessons learned during her Virtual Conference

Jeanine led Table Topics
Lois – What is your most memorable Christmas celebration?
Dick – What do you want for Christmas, or what did you want for Hanukkah?
Ben – Tell us about a holiday tradition your family had when you were a child.
Rhonda – What is something you could do to help someone this Holiday?
Nick – Tell us about 5 things that you like to do during Christmas holidays.
Brandon – Bad children get coal for Christmas from Santa. What are some other items he could put in there as well?
Jeanine – If you have an option to change the costume of Santa Claus, what would you do?
Rhonda – What do you want to accomplish in the New Year?
Dick – Tell us about a New Year’s resolution that made a difference in your life, or one that you were able to keep.
Brandon – What was the shortest time it took you to break a New Year’s resolution? What was that resolution?

Rhonda evaluated Lois.

Best Table Topics Speaker was Brandon for his topic about Coal.

Next week is our last meeting of 2020. Please sign up and join us for the fun!

Weekly Meeting Minutes – December 15, 2020

Present: Jeanine, Brandon, Andy, Lois, Rhonda, Dick, Brandum, Nick, Peter,

Guest Dustin Ogden

Word of the Day: mirth (noun) amusement, especially as expressed in laughter

Lois shared about her Communication Style with “Be Flexible with your Coummunication Style”

Dick led Table Topics:
Lois: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings”
Brandum: “There’s no crying in baseball!”
Peter: “Play it again, Sam”
Nick: “You can’t handle the truth!”
Andy: “I see dead people”
Rhonda: “You had me at hello”
Brandon: “Get your stinking paws off me, you stinking ape!”
Jeanine: “Go ahead, make my day”
Dustin: “I’ll be back!”
Dick: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

Rhonda evaluated Lois.

Best Table Topics Speaker was Dustin.

TLI – February 13th
Contest Season starts now. Our International and Table Topics contest will be in January followed by the Area on February 9th, and Division Contest in March.
Division B Council Meeting is January 15th for the President, VPE and VPM and anyone else who would like to attend.

Meeting Minutes – December 8, 2020

Present: Jeanine, Dick, Nick, Lois, Andy, Greg F., Rhonda, Ben,

Word of the day: amicable – characterized by friendly goodwill: peaceable

Andy spoke on “LMX – Leader, Member, Exchange”
Ben spoke on “Understanding the Impact of Your Attitudes and Thoughts On Daily interactions.”

Jeanine led Table Topics:
Andy – What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Greg – What is your favorite childhood memory?
Nick – Which holiday is your least favorite?
Dick – When you think of the holiday season, what smells come to mind?
Lois – What special dishes do you prepare for your holiday meal?
Rhonda: What is the funniest thing to ever happen during a Holiday weekend?
Jeanine – The Christmas that should have taken place 6 weeks later

Rhonda evaluated Andy and Lois evaluated Ben

Best Table Topic Speaker was Dick

Lois reminded everyone that Office Training is this Saturday

Weekly Meeting Minutes – December 1, 2020

Present: Andy, Dick, Jeanine, Sonali, Brandon, Ben, Brandum, Rhonda, Nick

Word of the day is Pandemic
Andy spoke on “Where Leaders are Made”

Nick led Table Topics:
Brandon – What is the best thing you ever purchased under $50?
Dick – If your life was a movie, would it be a comedy, drama or romance and which actor would play you?
Jeanine – Describe your favorite homemade sandwich and how to make it as if you were on a cooking show
Brandum – Pretend that the human body can have 1 cheat day a month with not negative impacts – describe your entire day of eating
Rhonda – Would you rather change something in the past, or find out something from the future?
Sonali – What habit do you have that annoys the other people in your life?
Andy – If you had the option of being able to speak to animals, or any language in the world, what would you choose and why?
Ben – What TV show or movie would you like to see in real life?

Ben evaluated Andy’s speech

Table Topics Winner for the day was Brandum