Weekly Meeting Minutes – December 1, 2020

Present: Andy, Dick, Jeanine, Sonali, Brandon, Ben, Brandum, Rhonda, Nick

Word of the day is Pandemic
Andy spoke on “Where Leaders are Made”

Nick led Table Topics:
Brandon – What is the best thing you ever purchased under $50?
Dick – If your life was a movie, would it be a comedy, drama or romance and which actor would play you?
Jeanine – Describe your favorite homemade sandwich and how to make it as if you were on a cooking show
Brandum – Pretend that the human body can have 1 cheat day a month with not negative impacts – describe your entire day of eating
Rhonda – Would you rather change something in the past, or find out something from the future?
Sonali – What habit do you have that annoys the other people in your life?
Andy – If you had the option of being able to speak to animals, or any language in the world, what would you choose and why?
Ben – What TV show or movie would you like to see in real life?

Ben evaluated Andy’s speech

Table Topics Winner for the day was Brandum

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