Weekly Meeting Minutes January 26, 2021

Present: Dick, Rhonda, Jeanine, Andy, Brandon, Lois, Greg, Nick, Ben, Peter
Guests: Diana Rodriguez-Area Director

Table Topics Contest
Question: If I had the courage…


Lois interviewed our contestants and we learned a lot about photography as a result.

Our winners were:
1st Place – Peter
2nd Place – Andy
3rd Place – Rhonda

Lois then asked several members more about themselves, much like the contestant interviews.

Peter will be representing the club in the International Speech Contest as well, and will practice his speech next week. We will provide him a round robin evaluation to help him prepare.
Area Contest is February 9 from 7-8pm

Weekly Meeting Minutes for January 19, 2021

Here are the notes for today, and the agenda for next week.

REMINDER: You have until midnight tonight to let Brandon know if you plan to compete in the International Speech Contest next week.

The Table Topics Contest was NOT held today and will happen next week.

Today, we held a Mock Table Topics Contest with the question “Is it ever okay to lie?”

              Peter – Winner

The rest of the meeting was a Table Topics event with the following questions:


Greg – Should there be tougher penalties for driving while distracted?

Nick – Some of the major car manufacturers are now producing vehicles that allow you to check Facebook via a dashboard screen. Do you think this will increase accidents? And if so, should the manufacturer be liable?

Dick – Should passengers be allowed to play with the radio or climate controls while you are driving? What’s the etiquette on this?

Ben – We now have cars that can park themselves. How soon until we have cars that actually do the driving? And what will our roads be like as a result?

Nick – Self Driving Cars…yes?


Andy – What was your favorite cartoon growing up? Why?

Aimee – Are children’s cartoons harmless entertainment? Or are they thinly veiled 30 minute commericals for soon to be launched toy lines?

Peter – There are many famous cartoon heroes like Superman or Batman. If you had the chance, what superhero would you be?

Rhonda – Every time Charlie Brown goes to kick the football Lucy just pulls it away from him and he goes flying. Should Charlie Brown finally wise up, or there something of merit in his quiet optimism?

Weekly Meeting Minutes from January 12, 2021

Present: Dick, Nick, Aimee, Brandon, Jeanine, Derek

Word of the day: shenanigan – a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose.

Brandon led Table Topics
Who is the greatest villainin modern literature? Nick 1:58
What is the worst book you ever read? Dick 1:35
If you were to write a book, what would it be about? Aimee 1:25
If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 would you bring? Jeanine 1:44
You find yourself trapped in a library in the middle of the worst snow storm on record – what books do you burn to stay warm and why? Brandon 2:29
People say that dreams really do come true, but aren’t nightmares dreams too? Jeanine 1:40
Where is a case where people tend to contradict themselves in daily life? Dick 2:03
Do as I say, not as I do – is it ever ok to give that edict? Aimee 1:22
Most of us agree that speeding should be illegal, yet many of us still do it. Why? Nick 2:25
Some people would illegally download a song, but would never steal a CD. Why do you think this is the case? Derek 1:38
Rebuttal to the CD vs Download. Dick 1:16
Why is it that some poeple only seem to be happy when they are unhappy? Brandon 1:46
Her own “Karen story – Aimee 1:26
Would the world be better off if we all spoke one language? What would be lost? Jeanine 1:58
Cell phones and Smart phones have allowed us access to people in a way we never dreamed of even 20 years ago. Is that a good thing? Nick 2:08
Should telemarketing be illegal? Derek 1:34

Table Topics contest is next Tuesday – January 19th
International Speech Contest is January 26th

Weekly Meeting – January 5, 2021

Present: Andy, Jeanine, Lois, Brandon, Dick, Nick, Rhonda, Peter, Greg F., Ben

Andy spoke on “The power of No”
Lois spoke on “Does Mentoring Work?”

Rhonda led Table Topics:
Dick – What’s something new you’ve learned?
Jeanine – Who do you compare yourself to?
Ben – What gets you excited about life?
Nick – What life lesson did you learn the hard way?
Peter – If not now, then when?
Brandon – What do you wish you spent more time doing 5 years ago?
Greg – Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

Jeanine evaluated Andy and Greg evaluated Lois.

Best Table Topics Speaker was Peter.

Club Contests:
Table Topics – January 19
International – January 26

Area Contest – February 9th in the evening
TLI – February 13th