Weekly Meeting Minutes, February 23, 2021

Present: Lois, Jeanine, Brandon, Ben, Peter, Dick, Derek, Nick, Brandon, Andy

Lois led us in an exciting body language experiment today. Get up and move! The entire meeting was done as charades so that we could practice using our body language to communicate on zoom.

Jeanine: It is raining and I got a flat tire
Peter: Saw a cat and started sneezing
Derek: Got a call that he won a car
Andy: Take a drink only to discover it is pure vodka
Nick: Puppet Show
Ben: trying to sleep and a mosquito is bothering him
Bradon: Trying to drive a stick shift and doesn’t know how
Peter: Not enough sleep and just finished a race
Andy: Got a call from a friend and are very intested
Nick: Got a call about going on a surpise trip
Ben: Anxious because he hasn’t prepared for a test

Jeanine: Nervous
Peter: Annoyed
Ben: embarrased
Nick: Sad
Andy: sick
Ben: Cheery
Nick: Frustration
Peter: Shocked
Andy: Hopeful
Jeanine: wondering

Nick: running a race
Ben: mountain climbing
Andy: swimming
Peter: Golfing
Jeanine: watching an exciting show

Peter and Nick did an improv scene about an exterminator called to a restaraunt

Division Contest is March 27th.

Weekly Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2021

Present: Andy, Jeanine, Dick, Derek, Lois, Ben, Peter, Aimee, Nick

Andy spoke on “You are not funny”
Lois spoke on “My Husbands is Collecting on My Life Insurance”

Peter led Table Topics:
Aimee – Tell us about the best vacation you ever had
Ben – The worst place you’ve been to in Taiwan
Andy – The family vacation that you took that turned into the Griswald Vacation
Lois – The place that you really want to travel to, as if you’ve already been there

Jeanine evaluated Andy and Nick evaluated Lois.
Best Table Topics Speaker was Lois

Make-Up Officer Trainings are happening this week if you need to take training.
March 27 at 10 AM – Division B Contest.
Dues are due now. Lois has emailed invoices to everyone. Please pay or contact Lois directly.

February 9, 2021 Weekly Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Dick, Jeanine, Brandon, Aimee, Ben, Peter, Derek, Andy, Nick, Brandon, Lois

The board has proposed that we waive the local dues for the club for the April dues renewal cycle.
The motion passed.

Brandon spoke on “A Beginner’s Guide to DnD”
Jeanine spoke on “What makes you laugh?”

Greg Fuchs led Table Topics: Speed dating

1 Do you prefer a Diner or a 5-star restaraunt? Peter

2 What would your older self tell your younger self? Derek

3 What are your three favorite all time movies? Andy

4 What is your favorite music genre? Aimee

Andy evaluated Brandon and Ben evaluated Jeanine

Best Table Topics speaker was Derek

Tonight is the Area 20 Contest where Peter will compete in the Table Topics and the International Speech Contests.
This weekend is the TLI – all officers who have not been trained yet should attend and all members are welcome.

Dues are due for April 1. Lois will be sending out invoices for $45 each – please pay those as soon as possible.

Weekly Meeting Minutes for February 2, 2021

Pressent: Andy, Jeanine, Dick, Brandon, Lois, Nick, Ben, Greg F., Derek
Guest Osuwana

Words of the day:
esoteric – adjective – designed for or understood by those with specific knowledge or training, difficult to understand
exoteric – adjective – suitable to be imparted to the public

Andy spoke on “Covid and Vaccines”
Osuwana spoke on “Face the Fear”

Derek ran Table Topics:
How far is too far to go to protect a loved one from themself? – Lois
I came, I saw, I – Greg F.
In all my years, I’ve never! – Nick
Wash, rinse, repeat – Jeanine
Oh be careful little mouth what you say – Brandon

Lois evaluated Andy and Jeanine evaluated Osuwana

Nick was the best Table Topics Speaker