Weekly Meeting Minutes for February 2, 2021

Pressent: Andy, Jeanine, Dick, Brandon, Lois, Nick, Ben, Greg F., Derek
Guest Osuwana

Words of the day:
esoteric – adjective – designed for or understood by those with specific knowledge or training, difficult to understand
exoteric – adjective – suitable to be imparted to the public

Andy spoke on “Covid and Vaccines”
Osuwana spoke on “Face the Fear”

Derek ran Table Topics:
How far is too far to go to protect a loved one from themself? – Lois
I came, I saw, I – Greg F.
In all my years, I’ve never! – Nick
Wash, rinse, repeat – Jeanine
Oh be careful little mouth what you say – Brandon

Lois evaluated Andy and Jeanine evaluated Osuwana

Nick was the best Table Topics Speaker

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