Weekly Meeting Minutes – June 29, 2021 – 11th Anniversary Celebration

We had 14 attendees today:
Aimee, Andy, Ben, Rhonda and Robert were On-Line
Greg, Jeanine, Lois, Matt and Nick were On-Site

We had 4 guests today: On-Line were Dawn, Randy and Merla and On-Site was Brad F.

Robert spoke on a Tribute to Outspoken’s 11 years

Jeanine presented ribbons and awards for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year:

  • Nick – Presentation Mastery Level 1 Completion – He received a ribbon and will also get a Name Badge
  • Rhonda – Visionary Communication Level 1 Completion – She received a ribbon
  • Lois – Presentation Mastery Levels 1, 2 and 3 Completion – She received 3 ribbons
  • Aimee – DTM, ALS and Persuasive Influence Level 1 Completion – She received a ribbon and will also get a DTM Name Badge
  • Matt – Presentation Mastery Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 Completion – He received 4 ribbons
  • Jeanine – Dynamic Leadership Level 5 Completion and Engaging Humor Levels 1, 2 and 3 Completion – She received 4 ribbons and a Toastmasters Mug

Outspoken Toastmasters Club periodically presents a member with the Outstanding Member Award. This year, we have chosen to create a new award in honor of one of our most Outstanding Members who has served this club tirelessly since it’s start 11 years ago. Today, we presented the Benjamin Yen Outstanding Member Award to the person we named it after, Distinguished Toastmaster Benjamin Yen.

Aimee led Table Topics about Bumper Stickers.
Nick, Gred, Ben, Matt, Andy and Dawn (guest) participated.

Lois evaluated Robert’s speech.

Best Table Topics speaker was Matt Kinsey.

Weekly Meeting Minutes – June 22, 2021

We had 9 attendees today:
On-Line: Aimee, Andy, Lois and Robert
On-Site: Brandon, Dick, Greg, Jeanine, Matt and Nick

Aimee spoke on “What I Learned From My Mentor….or Was She My Coach?”
Andy spoke on “Measurement”

Greg led Table Topics:

Brandon, Dick, Nick, Robert, Jeanine and Matt participated in Table Topics.

Matt evaluated Aimee and Robert evaluated Andy

Best Table Topics speaker was Dick.

Weekly Meeting Minutes – June 15, 2021

Present today:
On-Site: Aimee, Brandon, Dick, Jeanine, Lois, Matt, Peter
On-Line: Andy, Ben, Rhonda, Robert

Jeanine gave an educational moment about the 2 timer roles and the Zoom Master.
* On-Site Timer times every speaker in the meeting and uses the timing lights in the meeting room. This person will report on all times for all speakers at the appropriate times during the meeting.
* On-Line Timer times only the other on-line attendees and shows them the colored backgrounds or cards. They will confirm the timing for on-line speakers at appropriate times during the meeting.
* Keep in mind that the timing between on-site and on-line is slightly delayed, so the on-line timer only shows their colors for other on-line speakers to avoid confusion.
* The Zoom Master runs the main computer, recording, and chat window. If the Vote Counter is not logged into the Zoom meeting, the Zoom Master will provide the summary of on-line votes to them.

Brandon gave us “A Totally True Story”
Robert talked about “Take Me Out To the Ball Game”

Aimee led Table Topics.
Lois spoke on “The worst thing you ever did while tired”
Dick spoke on “A memorable moment you wish you had documented:
Peter spoke on “The most embarrassing thing you did because of lack of sleep.

Rhonda evaluated Brandon and Lois evaluated Robert.

June 8, 2021 Weekly Meeting and Club Elections

We had a fantastic meeting today with 13 members and 4 guests.

In attendance were Aimee, Andy, Ben, Brandon, Dick, Greg F., Jeanine, Matt, Nick, Peter, Rhonda and Robert.

Guests were:

On-site: Dorrette Keen, DTM

On-line: Carlos Romero (Aimee’s guest), Dawn Williamson (on-line search) and Gary Perry (dropped off)

We held our elections today.

The Club Leadership Committee nominated the following individuals:

                President: Aimee Roger

                VPE: Jeanine Kinsey

                VPM: Lois Margolin

                Treasurer: Lois Margolin

The slate was approved unanimously.

Brandon called for nominations from the floor for each of the following positions.  All were uncontested and the secretary was instructed to cast a vote for each one:

                VPPR: Robert Rizzo

                Secretary: Rhonda Sternberg

                Sgt. At Arms: Nick Delfino

The business meeting was adjourned at 12:14 and the weekly meeting started.

Matt spoke on “Improvement Through Positive Coaching”

Andy ran Table Topics.

The following people spoke:

  • Robert
  • Derek
  • Rhonda
  • Peter
  • Jeanine
  • Matt

Derek evaluated Matt’s speech.

The best Table Topics speaker was a tie between Matt, Peter and Derek.

Club officer training is June 19th and an email will go out to all club officers.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.