Weekly Meeting Minutes – August 3, 2021

Brandon was our Toastmaster of the Day.

We had 12 attendees today:

  • Andy, Rhonda and Robert were on line 
  • Brandon, Dick, Jeanine, Lexy, Lois, Nick, Peter, Vikke, and Greg Henry were on site

Jeanine gave an impromptu presentation and Lexy spoke on the power of persuasive speaking.

Peter led Table Topics and congratulations to Vikke on taking the ribbon today.

Robert evaluated Jeanine and Lois evaluated Lexy.

Jeanine gave an educational moment on the importance on protocols when passing roles from one to another and on being mindful of where you stand in relation to the camera if on site.

Club business – the club voted to assign the proxy to Matt to vote at the upcoming international convention (proxy attached)

Respectfully submitted, 

Rhonda Sternberg

Club Outspoken Club Secretary

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