Toastmasters Meeting

Tuesday October 13, 2015 12:00 PM
Toastmaster of the Day:
Matt Kinsey, DTM, PID
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.
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Mentions the theme of the day
Speaker 1:
Andy Bern, DTM
Speaker 2:
Member not found
Speaker 3:
Benjamin Yen, DTM
Topics Master:
Brandon Kinsey, DTM
General Evaluator:
Jeanine Kinsey, DTM, PDD
Explains the importance of evaluations. Introduces Evaluators. Asks for Grammarian report. Gives overall evaluation of the meeting.
Evaluator 1:
Peter Palmer, DTM
Evaluator 2:
Jeanine Kinsey, DTM, PDD
Evaluator 3: