July 28, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Andrew Bern, Jeanine Kinsey, Lois Margolin, Dick Linehan, Brandon Kinsey, Rhonda Sternberg, Greg Fuchs, Derek Rolle, Sonali Ravindrakumar, Benjamin Yen, Peter Palmer, Ching-Mei Yeh

Halle Gabrielle Farquharson invited by a friend
TM Elma P. Knowles invited by TM Derek Garcia Rolle
TM Gayle Roberts invited by TM Elma Knowles
TM Deandra Dorsette invited by TM Derek Rolle
TM Denise St.Vil invited by TM Garcia Rolle
TM Joreldo Fox
TM Sharell Lockhart
TM Barbara Saunders
TM Lapeedra Damianos
TM Godfrey Pinder

Rhonda gave a speech titled “The Dirty Dozen” about the IRS and scams to avoid, Derek spoke on “Unlock the Door” about coaching, and Ching-Mei repeated her Ice Breaker and gave us a chance to know her better.

Brandon ran Table Topics today:
Greg gave us an “Animal House” story
Deandra talked about her favorite fairy tales, Snow White and Cinderella
Benjamin spoke on what craze he wishes would just go away and Zombies in the Chinese culture.

Lois evaluated Rhonda, Andy evaluated Derek and Jeanine evaluated Ching-Mei.

Winners for the day:
Best Speaker: Rhonda Sternberg
Best Table Topics: Deandra Dorsette
Best Evaluator: Lois Margolin

Remember to mark your calendar for the August 15 TLI and the August 22 Speed Mentoring.

July 21, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

We had 2 guests in attendance today from Alabama, along with members: Brandon Kinsey, Peter Palmer, Lois Margolin, Benjamin Yen, Aimee Roger, Jeanine Kinsey, Nicholas Delfino, Derek Rolle, Rhonda Sternberg, Sonali Ravindrakumar, Greg Fuchs, Dick Linehan and Andy Bern.

Andy gave an impromptu research speech about water reclamation and Sonali gave us a speech about communication styles.

Nick led Table Topics and our guest Keitt and Greg F. answered questions

Derek evaluated Andy and Peter evaluated Sonali and gave them both some great feedback.

Congratulations to Benjamin Yen on earning his DTM! We have been waiting since June 26th for confirmation on his and Peter’s awards. Peter was confirmed last month.

Brandon reminded everyone about the TLI on August 15th. We will share registration information as soon as it is available.

Weekly Meeting Minutes – July 14, 2020

In attendance today: Brandon Kinsey, Lois Margolin, Dick Linehan, Benjamin Yen, Jeanine Kinsey, Andrew Bern, Matt Kinsey, Nicholas Delfino, Greg Fuchs, Aimee Roger, Derek Rolle.

Today, we welcomed a new member to the club. Derek Rolle was voted in and is official now.

Andy spoke on Humor and Lois talked about communication in her organization.

Nick led us in Table Topics and encouraged our members to “color your world” with creative topics. Brandon won for convincing a blind lady why she should buy a Midway Blue Car.

Jeanine and Nick provided evaluations for our speakers.

Brandon reminded everyone that the District is holding a TLI on August 15th and everyone should attend if possible. We discussed the International Convention which will be free and held August 24th-29th, and we discussed assigning the club proxy for the International Business Meeting. Brandon and Jeanine can carry the proxies as the President and Secretary, but the club has agreed to assign the proxy to Matt Kinsey, DTM.

Please remember to sign up for next week’s meeting at http://outspokentoastmasters.org/rsvpmaker/toastmasters-meeting-2020-07-21/

July 7, 2020 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:

Jeanine Kinsey, Brandon Kinsey, Dick Linehan, Sonali Ravindrakumar, Andrew Bern, Aimee Roger, Nicholas Delfino, Rhonda Sternberg,

Word of the day: Cantankerous

We had 1 prepared speaker today:

Brandon Kinsey provided his vision for the new year.

Focus on Member Incentives to keep our membership up as a club since that has been the primary reason we have missed being Distinguished over the years.

Education goals – getting at least 4 members to Levels 1 and 2, 2 members to level 3 and 2 members to Levels 4, 5 or DTM.

Jeanine provided Table Topics.  We learned about 5 unique degrees that we could earn and used pennies to pick 4 years to have members talk about a year.  Everyone got a chance to play today, including Jeanine.

Lois evaluated Brandon and gave him so great feedback on his speech today.

The International Convention is August 24-27 and will be completely free and online.


Be sure to sign up for next week’s meeting at www.outspokentoastmasters.org