August 4, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

Jeanine, Brandon, Matt, Andy, Dick, Nick, Ching-Mei, Lois, Rhonda, Aimee, Peter, Benjamin,
Amy from D86 and Angela from D60

Word of the day: jabberwocky – meaningless speech or writing

Brandon talked about how Sign Language taught him to speak, Matt shard some personal stories about how important the messenger is when giving an important message to someone, and Ching-Mie shared the histroy of her home country, Taiwan.

Table topics – led by Dick

Aimee - why do cats and dogs have cold, wet noses? - talked about how her daughter is very curious
Angela - Why do all the Canadians come to Florida and drive slow? 
Nicholas - How far is up?
Amy - Florida is flat. Prove that the world is really round.
Peter - Why is the sky blue?

Lois evaluated Brandon, Andy evaluatoed Matt and Rhonda evaluated Ching-Mei.

Speaker: Matt
Table Topics: Nicholas
Evaluator: Lois

Upcoming events:
August 15th is the Virtual TLI: 8am – 1pm.
August 22nd is the Virutal Speed Mentoring Event –
August 24-29 is the Virtual International Convention –
Club Contests for September 15 will be the Humorous speech and September 29th will be the Evaluation Contest. We need chairs for both contests since Peter plans to compete.
It is Smedley Membership season – we are looking for 5 new members by September 30th so invite a friend.

By Jeanine Kinsey

Jeanine has been a member of Toastmasters since August 2006. She has served in several club officer roles and district roles since then including District Treasurer, Conference Chair, District Webmaster, Division Governor, Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Lieutenant Governor Education & Training and District Director. She is a Web Designer, Consultant and speaker and enjoys sharing her stories of living "Blindsighted" with her audiences. She is also very active in her church and in the Boy Scouts and enjoys hiking, camping and reading in her spare time. She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

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