Weekly Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2020

Attendance: Lois Margolin, Dick Linehan, Rhonda Sternberg, Jeanine Kinsey, Greg Fuchs, Benjamin Yen, Nick Delfino,

Lois presented her DTM Project titled VTM Con.
Jeanine presneted her Mentoring project and discussed leadership mentoring.

Table Topics were led by Greg Fuchs:
What have you binge watched over the last 6 months? Dick
What kind of Halloween do you exepct this week? Rhonda
Greg hates Tuna, what food do you abhore? Nick

Rhonda evaluated Lois and Lois evaluated Jeanine.

Best Table Topic speaker was Nick

Members at the Zoom Meeting

October 20, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Jeanine Kinsey, Andrew Bern, Nick Delfino, Greg Fuchs, Peter Palmer, Dick Linehan, Benjamin Yen, Rhonda Sternberg, Lois Margolin

Guests: Maria Gabriella Schembri who found us through Eventbrite, Dov Cer

Greg Fuchs led Table Topics:

Should there be a moderator for the Presidential debates? Rhonda
Should fans be able to attend football games? Jeanine
Tell us about your hobbies. Nick
If you had one million dollars to buy any business, what would you buy? Andy
How will you celebrate Halloween this year?  Peter
Give us your thoughts on Zoom. Lois
Tell us one of your most embarrassing moments. Ben

Andy provided Jeanine with feedback on her speech.

Best Table Topic was Lois

October 13, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Jeanine Kinsey, Dick Linehan, Brandon Kinsey, Benjamin Yen, Nick Delfino, Matt Kinsey, Peter Palmer, Lois Margolin

Dick Linehan ran Table Topics: Each person was given an abbreviation to explain

Brandon – AWOL (Angry Walruses on Land)
Nicolas – RADAR (Radioactive Deer Antler)
Jeanine – AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
Peter – NAACP (National Association for Annoying Children Program)
Benjamin – POUS (Switched to DTM)
Matt – USSR (Underwater Sub Sea Radicals))
Lois – ICBM (International Coalition of Brazilian Merchants)
Peter – BNSF (Before Nato Sent Forces)
Brandon – RPM (Russians Per Minute Drunk)
Jeanine – PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
Matt – PARSEC (pizza and responsibility secretary)
Nicolas – PPE (Projectile Penguin Escalation)
Benjamin – SNAFU (Situation Normal All F$# Up)
Lois – MKTG (Military Kangaroos Target Guests)
Peter – USPS (United Speciality of Proctologists Society)
Matt – AFSC (American Financial Services Consortium)
Lois – IBM (I Believe in Magic)
Matt – SSB (Subsonic Balistics)
Jeanine – FM (Female Hats)
Lois – AM (Alpha Males)
Dick – DDOJSIOC (Disk Jockeys on International Space Station Operational Command)

The winner was Brandon won for RPM

Peter reviewed upcoming events:
October 21 – Pathways Event
October 22 – Imrpomptu Speaking Extravaganza
October 31 – Division B Council Event for President, VPE and VPM
October 31 – Book Club
November 21 – Division B from 9-11

Please sign up for a role for next week.

October 6, 2020 Weekly Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Andy Bern, Jeanine Kinsey, Peter Palmer, Lois Margolin, Dick Linehan, Greg Fuchs, Benjamin Yen, Nick Delfino

Greg shared a podcast he did about Fantasy Football.

Andy led Table Topics – each person is being transported with a blind compainion to a point in time and has to explain what they are seeing using word images:
Lois went back to the Challenger Accident in 1986
Nick went back to the first time he ever went to a beach
Peter went back to the JFK Assasination
Jeanine went back to a time when she visited a glacier
Ben went back to introduce us to Stevie Wonder
Greg F had to include the fact that the person is from a culture that does not include the color blue and had to describe a beautiful blue sky
Dick went back to had to describe snow to someone that has never seen it before. He chose to go back to the landing of the Hindenberg

Jeanine evaluated Greg’s speech

The Table Topics winner is Jeanine Kinsey

The Area 20 contest is this Saturday at 1PM – be sure to register.
The Division B Contest is November 21 at 9AM