Weekly Meeting Minutes – March 30, 2021

Present: Dick, Jeanine, Aimee, Brandon, Nick, Ben, Peter, Derek, Andy, LoisGuests: Robert Rizzo, Navardo Rolle, Latoya Rankine, Janique Turnquest, Robert Duvalier, Induria Paul, TM McKenzie, Tesha Smith, Monique Laing, Everkell Laguerre Derek spoke on “A man never walks alone”Andy spoke on “Visual Presentations” Ben led Table Topics:“How can it be possible?” Brandon“If animals could talk,… Continue reading Weekly Meeting Minutes – March 30, 2021

Weekly Meeting – March 16, 2021

Present: Matt, Dick, Brandon, Ben, NickGuest: Robert Rizzo Matt’s project was “Managing a Difficult Audience” and he spoke on canceling last year’s International Convention. His time was 11:50 Nick was our Table Topics MasterDick – Should there be tougher penalties for driving while distracted? 1:37Brandon – What are the all necessary elements for the perfect… Continue reading Weekly Meeting – March 16, 2021