Weekly Meeting Minutes – March 30, 2021

Present: Dick, Jeanine, Aimee, Brandon, Nick, Ben, Peter, Derek, Andy, Lois
Guests: Robert Rizzo, Navardo Rolle, Latoya Rankine, Janique Turnquest, Robert Duvalier, Induria Paul, TM McKenzie, Tesha Smith, Monique Laing, Everkell Laguerre

Derek spoke on “A man never walks alone”
Andy spoke on “Visual Presentations”

Ben led Table Topics:
“How can it be possible?” Brandon
“If animals could talk, what would you talk to them about?” Dick
“Describe your perfect day” Peter
“Would you rather be poor or ugly?” Jeanine
“What is your favority pizza topping?” Nick

Jeanine evaluated Derek and Robert evaluated Andy

Best Table Topics Speaker was Brandon

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Next week is our Special Business meeting – please be sure to attend so you can provide your input. We also have space for 2 speakers and all other roles

Weekly Meeting Minutes – March 23, 2021


I will send this out separately and update the WhatsApp group as well.

Here are the minutes from today‚Äôs discussion.   If you were not there, we would love your feedback on the questions we discussed.

We will have a business meeting on April 6th where we need everyone to attend so that we can vote on going to a Hybrid meeting format, as well as some budget items.  You cannot vote absentee, so even if you can only join for a little while, or by phone, please do.

Present: Jeanine, Dick, Nick, Peter, Aimee, Lois

Open Discussion: Why did you join Outspoken Toastmasters, and why do you stay?

Aimee – Joined because there were familiar people. She stayed because she has seen so many people come and grow, and now we are group of experienced toastmasters, as well as the new members who take on the challenge of TM. She loves that we have built a different culture through our social events.

Dick – He was a TM before and found us and felt we wee advanced.  He enjoys seeing the speeches and evaluations, and has fun. He belongs to a meet up group on photography with 50-60 people.

Nick – He fisrt heard about TM when he was looking to improve his public speaking and speaking in general.  His father came with him to his first meeting and he kept coming because it helped him with issues he didn’t even realize he had and has helped him grow. He stays becasue we keep helping and because we are supportive.

Peter – His first intro to TM was with Club Awesome in 2004 and learned about Ah Counters.  It was 2012 before he found Outspoken.  He came because it was a lunch club at Wings Plus and was convenient for him. He stayed because of the core group of experienced speakers that he has learned from. We usually have a good mix of people and enjoys the fresh perspectives from newer members. He uses TM to test new material. As Area Director he got to see other clubs and considers us an advanced club compared to others he visited.  Lots of leaders to learn from. He plans to be here for the long haul! He enjoyed the social events like the escape rooms as well and feels that helps to gel our group.

Jeanine – Started the club to be convenient for me.

Lois – She joined because she was at the top in her club.  She found menotrs inthis club to helpe with her business and TM.  It really is an advanced club and she can test material. She stays beause she loves the people and the time.

Key words that discribe our club:

Ability to mentor
different cultures
Test presentation material
Test new stories
Social events
TIMELY – 1 hour
Leadership Development
Effective and supportive evaluations
Leaders including International and District

Key take aways –

we have a lot of advanced members

Lois: maybe we pick one meeting a month and do an advanced workshop that we could invite people to.

If we start meeting back at Wings Plus, would you be able to join? Most on the call said late April to early May.

Those on the call generally feel that if we decide to go hybrid, we need to make that official and not make a public notice that we will revisit it before the next dues cycle.

We need to have an official business meeting in 2 weeks to vote on going Hybrid at the end of April, and discuss how we want to present ourselves.  It was generally agreed that we don’t want to change our status to an Advanced Club with TI, but we want to focus on having advanced speakers, leaders and evaluators.  We may also want to consider changing our meeting format to 2 speakers to allow for more time for feedback for the speakers each week.

If you have video cameras, tripod or a microphone that we might be able to use for a couple of weeks until wee see what we need to purchase, please let us know.

Weekly Meeting – March 16, 2021

Present: Matt, Dick, Brandon, Ben, Nick
Guest: Robert Rizzo

Matt’s project was “Managing a Difficult Audience” and he spoke on canceling last year’s International Convention. His time was 11:50 Nick was our Table Topics Master
Dick – Should there be tougher penalties for driving while distracted? 1:37
Brandon – What are the all necessary elements for the perfect road trip? 1:50
Matt – What is your dream car? 1:30
Robert – If the highest speed limit is “x”, why do we allow manufacturers to sell cars that go twice as fast? ~1:01
Benjamin – Should passengers be allowed to touch the radio or A/C? 1:38
Nick – What are your thoughts on graduated licensing? 2:18

Ben was our General Evaluator
Robert evaluated Matt – 4:00

Next week’s meeting is a special meeting where we will be looking at the vision for Outspoken Toastmasters. We need as many of you there as possible to be part of this discussion. We also have a couple of budget items to vote on and need a quorum.

The Division B Contest is March 27, 2021 at 10:00 AM. Be sure to register to attend.

Weekly Meeting Minutes March 9, 2021

Present: Jeanine, Brandon, Greg F., Rhonda, Andy, Dick, Nick, Lois,

Word of the day: skulk – to move in a stealthy or furtive manner

Andy spoke on “Kleiman”

Greg led Table Topics:

What I found out too late was – Dick A stranger would never guess that I Lois
I can’t stand – Nick
I absolutely love – Rhonda
If I could work for any company in the world, it would be – Andy
If I received a $1400 stimulus check I would – Jeanine
If I could do it all over I again, I would – Greg

Rhonda evaluated Andy

Division B Contest March 27 at 10:00 AM Link: https://bit.ly/DivisionBContest2021
District Virtual Conference is April 28 – May 1. Stay tuned for more details.

Weekly Meeting – March 2, 2021

Present: Nick, Lois, Ben, Jeanine, Brandon
Guest: Diana Rodriguez

We did a random drawing at the beginning of the meeting to assign roles.

Diana – What Life Lesson did you learn the hard way?
Lois – What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?


TT Master and Timer

Table Topics:
Jeanine: Are there any animals that make you uncomfortable?
Ben: Is a dog rreally man’s best friend?
Nick: What would he tell himself last year at this time about the Covid situation?

Diana spoke to us about the Division B Contest on March 27 at 10 AM.

The district is looking for presenters for the Spring Conference. You should have received an email about this.