Weekly Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2021

We had 9 attendees today.
Robert joined us on-line
Brandon, Greg, Jeanine, Lexy, Nick and Peter joined us on-site
Ann Light and Gavin Palmer were on-site guests

Jeanine was Toastmaster and presiding officer for the day.

Jeanine gave a 15-20 minute speech about contests – be sure to watch the video and send her any questions you have about competing and running contests.

Greg ran Table Topics.
Nick told something we didn’t know about him
Lexy told us about his bucket list
Peter told us how he felt about Breakfast being the most important meal of the day
Robert told us what makes him angry
Ann told us what advice she would give her younger self
Brandon told what living person he would like to have dinner or a conversation with

Ann was our Best Table Topics Speaker today.

Submitted on behalf of Rhonda by Jeanine Kinsey

Weekly Meeting Minutes – July 20, 2021

Jeanine was our Toastmaster of the Day
We had 12 people in attendance

  • Aimee, Benjamin, Brandon, Dick, Greg, Jeanine, Lois and Nick were on-site
  • Andy and Robert were on-line
  • Our Area Director, Rohini Shah was visiting today, and we had Vikki Ho-Shing visit as well.

Aimee started the meeting with the vote to accept Vikki as a new member and the vote was unamious.

Brandon spoke on “Security in a few simple steps” and Ben spoke on “Being Inspired with a Positive Thinking Attitude”

Aimee led table topics:
Nick told us three things he remembered from Kindergarden
Lois told us which friend she is most proud of
Rohini told us about her most embarassing childhood moment

Lois evaluated Brandon and Robert evaluated Ben.

Lois was the best Table Topics Speaker

Weekly Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2021

Dick was our Toastmaster of the Day.

We had 10 attendees today:
• Andy, Ben, Jeanine, Rhonda and Robert were on line
• Aimee, Brandon, Dick, and, Peter were on site
• We had 1 guests today – Lexy, who started the meeting as a guest but ended as our newest member.
Andy spoke on leadership and Robert on “the little things”

Ben led Table Topics and with back to back wins, Lexy Semino took the ribbon this afternoon.

Rhonda evaluated Andy and Aimee evaluated Robert.

Andy moved to admit Lexy Semino as a member and Jeanine seconded. Lexy was formally voted into the club. Welcome to Outspoken Lexy.

Brandon gave an educational moment on the importance on adhering to time specified in the agenda.

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Sternberg
Club Outspoken Club Secretary

Weekly Meeting Minutes – July 6, 2021

We had another fantastic meeting today.

We had 16 attendees today:
• Aimee, Andy, Ben, Derek and Robert were on line (Merla was on but dropped off and was not included in the total)
• Brandon, Dick, Greg, Lois, Matt, Nick, Peter, and Rhonda were on site
• We had 4 guests today – Lexy, Ann and Vickie were on site (Merla was on but dropped off and was not included in the total)
Nick spoke on the never ending debate on Apple vs. Android
Lois presented an overview of her new role as Club Growth Director

Matt led Table Topics with some extremely interesting archaic words which provided us with an entertaining session

Aimee evaluated Nick and Rhonda evaluated Lois.

Best Table Topics speaker was Lexy Semino.

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Sternberg
Club Outspoken Club Secretary