Weekly Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2021

Dick was our Toastmaster of the Day.

We had 10 attendees today:
• Andy, Ben, Jeanine, Rhonda and Robert were on line
• Aimee, Brandon, Dick, and, Peter were on site
• We had 1 guests today – Lexy, who started the meeting as a guest but ended as our newest member.
Andy spoke on leadership and Robert on “the little things”

Ben led Table Topics and with back to back wins, Lexy Semino took the ribbon this afternoon.

Rhonda evaluated Andy and Aimee evaluated Robert.

Andy moved to admit Lexy Semino as a member and Jeanine seconded. Lexy was formally voted into the club. Welcome to Outspoken Lexy.

Brandon gave an educational moment on the importance on adhering to time specified in the agenda.

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Sternberg
Club Outspoken Club Secretary

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