Weekly Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2021

Brandon was our Toastmaster of the Day.

We had 13 attendees today:

  • Andy, Ben, Derek, Matt, Rhonda and Vikki were on line 
  • Brandon, Dick, Greg F., Greg H.,  Lois, Nick, and Peter were on site

Vikki gave her icebreaker “Where and When I Enter” 

Peter gave us a glimpse into his medical story “What would you do if you knew every day was a miracle”

Rhonda led Table Topics and congratulations to Derek on taking the ribbon today.

Greg F. evaluated Vikki and Andy evaluated Peter.

Lois as presiding officer gave an overview of the upcoming contests and events. 

Also gave a shout out congratulating Matt on his next toastmaster adventure as President. Congratulations Matt!!

Respectfully submitted, 

Rhonda Sternberg

Club Outspoken Club Secretary

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