Weekly Meeting Minutes – August 24, 2021

Dick was our Toastmaster of the Day.

We had 16 attendees today:

  • Ben, Brandon, Derek, Rhonda, Robert, and Vikki were on line 
  • Dick, Greg F., Jeanine, Lois, Matt, Nick, and Peter were on site
  • We had 3 guests today – on line, Carlette from the Bahamas and Emilia from Tanzania, both guests of Derek; on site, Genise, who found us on Eventbrite.  

Derek spoke about how being a protege enriched his journey.

Lois’ presentation was “What is a $10,000 Contract Worth?”, a very interesting story showing the importance of having a good lawyer read over your contracts (and that is the attorney take away :))

Vikki led Table Topics and had us open our fortune cookies and discuss. Peter took the ribbon for best table topics today.

Ben evaluated Derek and Brandon evaluated Lois.

A quick reminder that contestants in the upcoming contests are required to compete on line and not in person.

Respectfully submitted, 

Rhonda Sternberg

Club Outspoken Club Secretary

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