Lois Margolin, DTM Elected District 47 Program Quality Director

Lois Margolin pictured with Derek Rolle, Matt Kinsey and Jeanine Kinsey

Lois Margolin has been a member of Outspoken Toastmasters since 2015 when she supported us as a club coach appointed by the district. Since then she has served as club President, and almost all other roles. At the District level, she has served as Pathways Guide, District Finance Manager, Division Director and Club Growth Director.

In May, she was elected to serve as the 2022-2023 Program Quality Director for District 47 which serves Southeast Florida from Key West to Jupiter and the Bahamas. She will be responsible for training our members and officers, the District Conference and Speech Contests as well as supporting the rest of the District Leaders.

Lois is president of Lois Margolin, LLC (LM) which provides business services to those in need and helps educate individuals and companies so they can enhance their businesses and reach their goals and dreams.

Outspoken Toastmasters is proud to have her as a valued member of our club!

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By Jeanine Kinsey

Jeanine has been a member of Toastmasters since August 2006. She has served in several club officer roles and district roles since then including District Treasurer, Conference Chair, District Webmaster, Division Governor, Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Lieutenant Governor Education & Training and District Director. She is a Web Designer, Consultant and speaker and enjoys sharing her stories of living "Blindsighted" with her audiences. She is also very active in her church and in the Boy Scouts and enjoys hiking, camping and reading in her spare time. She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

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