Meeting Minutes for January 22, 2019

We had a very full house today with 5 guests!

Matt Kinsey spoke from the Dynamic Leadership Level 4 Building Skills Manage Change. His title was “Change, Change, Everywhere there’s Change” and he was evaluated by Lois Margolin.

Greg Fuchs spoke from the Presentation Mastery Level 2 Learning Your Style Understanding Your Communication Style. His title was “Greg’s Communication Style” and he was evaluated by Rhonda Sternberg.

Brandon Kinsey spoke from the Visionary Communication Level 5 Demonstrating Expertise Develop Your Vision. His title was “Visions of a Path: and he was evaluated by Sonali Ravindrakumar .

Donnette was our Table Topics Master and she called on 2 speakers today.
Dick spoke on his Favorite Song and Jeanine spoke on her Worst Job.

Our winners today were:
Best Speaker: Greg
Best Table Topics: Dick
Best Evaluator: Lois

We had 5 guests today.
John returned for another week.
Adam, Yara, Janice and Kastle were all first time visitors and it sounds like we might see them all again next week.

Don’t forget to register for TLI if you want to learn more about being a Toastmaster:
Miami is 1/26 –
Broward is 2/2 –
West Palm Beach is 2/16 –

Our Table Topics Contest is February 5th and our International Speech Contest is February 19th. Sign up to compete or help with a role as soon as possible.

Have a great week!

January 15, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Great meeting today!

Aimee Hoalt have a speech on “Turning Cold Calling into Warm Calling” from the Persuasive Speaking Manual – Conquering the Cold Call Project.  She was evaluated by Matt Kinsey.

Brent Baillie gave his Ice Breaker today titled “My Chicken Story.”  He was evaluated by Jeanine Kinsey.

We had three Table Topics speakers:
Aarin talked about candy as a healthy food choice, Alex talked about famous people he met and Donnette talked about what career she would have if she had the requisite talent.

Our winners today were Aarin for Table Topics and Matt for Evaluator.

We had 3 guests today: Greg, Tangi and John.  John will be visiting us the next couple of weeks while he is here from New York.

Don’t forget to sign up for TLI on 1/26, 2/2 or 2/16 and learn more about being a Toastmasters Officer and lots of other fun subjects.

Our Club Table Topics Contest is February 5th and our International Speech Contest is February 19th.  Let Brandon know if you plan to compete, or can help out in one of the supporting roles on those days.

December 18, 2018 Meeting Minutes

We had a very full meeting for our last meeting of the year.  Thank you to all who signed up so that our meeting was full before we arrived and ran smoothly today.

We had three speakers today.

We had a very full meeting for our last meeting of the year.  Thank you to all who signed up so that our meeting was full before we arrived and ran smoothly today.

We had three speakers today.

Aimee spoke from the Persuasive Speaking manual, Effective Salesperson Project.  Her title was “Why Choose Aimee Hoalt.”  She spoke about why she should be selected for a position over everyone else who applied.  She was evalualated by Sonali.

Dick spoke from the Storytelling manual, the Moral of the Story project.  His title was “JFK Jr.s Last Flight.”  He was evaluated by Lois.

Peter spoke from the Speaking to Inform manual, the Demonstration Talk project.  His title was “Saving a LIfe” and he shared the basics of CPR and using and AED.  He was evaluated by Andy Bern.

Alex was our only Table Topics speaker and shared what he liked most about the Holidays.

We had 2 visitors today.  Sarah found us on the internet, and Sonali’s mother was visiting from India.

Aimee handed out instructions for the White Elephant exchange at the Holiday Party, and reminded everyone that the maximum price if you purchase a gift is $10.

The TLI dates have been announced and the Broward TLI is February 2nd at the Coral Springs Charter School.  All members are encouraged to attend, and officers need to attend one of the TLIs.

Brandon recognized Matt for completing Level 3 and Brandon for completing Level 4.  We will be recognizing all education awards for the year to date at the Holiday party.

Benjamin and Brandon were presented with their new name badges today as well.

In the new year, we will begin using the TI Voting ballots and recognizing not only Table Topics, but also Best Speaker and Best Evaluator.

Happy Holidays to all, and we will see you all at our next meeting on January 8th!

December 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Welcome to our newest members, Brent and Ashley Baillio!

We started the meeting with our presiding officer, Brandon Kinsey leading the vote to accept the Baillio’s into the club.

Our words today were Cultural and Tradition thanks to Sonali.

the Toastmaster today was Dick Linehan and we had a full meeting with 2 guests – Debbie and Justin.

Matt Kinsey talked about Goal Setting in Negotiation and was evaluated by Andy Bern.

Jeanine Kinsey completed her last CC Manual with an inspiring speech about going to Norway as a young girl and was evaluated by Peter Palmer.

Brandon Kinsey ran table topics and put Santa Clause on trial for OSHA Violations.  Ashley volunteered to prosecute and Brent defended Santa.  Lois and Matt also provided testimony.  In the end, Santa was found innocent and Ashley won Table Topics (despite losing the case 🙂 ).

Our Holiday Party will be December 28th at Lois’ home – watch Whatsapp for more details and to tell us what you are bringing to eat.  Don’ forget the White Elephant gift – something you love so much you just have to give it away, or something you purchase (not to exceed $20.00).

Just a reminder that we are not meeting December 25th or January 1st.

December 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Another great meeting with 4 guests!

Welcome back to Ashley and Brent (applications submitted today!) and Sally.  We also welcomed Denzel who found us through Event Brite.

We had 3 speakers:

Benjamin spoke about mentoring and was evaluated by Aimee.

Andy spoke about the purpose of the club and the Distinguished Club Program and was evaluated by Brandon.

Alex asked “Do Vitamins Really Work?” and was evaluated by Matt.

Jeanine led Table Topics and had random vacation pictures from the internet.  Brandon and Denzel each drew a random picture and had to tell how we got there, or what happened next.

Reminder that the Holiday party is December 28th at Lois’ home – pot luck dinner and bring a white elephant gift.

We will NOT be meeting on December 25th or January 1st.

November 27, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

We had a great meeting today!

Brandon did a workshop on Evaluating to Motivate.  We learned that the most important job of the evaluator is to make sure the speaker wants to speak again, and then to provide them with something to work on when they do.

Matt Kinsey gave a test speech on Business Networking and then we broke into three groups led by Lois, Aimee and Jeanine.  Each group spent time going over the speech and writing an evaluation.  We then selected one person to evaluate in front of the group.  Dick, Rhonda and Sonali were our three evaluators.  Dick went first while Rhonda and Sonali were out of the room, then Rhonda came back and finally Sonali.  This allowed each groups presentation to be seen without knowing what the other groups had said.  Brandon wrapped up with similarities and differences between the groups and what we learned.

We had three guests – Ashley and Brett came back again this week and plan to join next week.  Sally visited us for the first time today.

The last piece of business today was discussing our Holiday Party.  The date has been changed to December 28th at Lois’ home.  It will be a pot luck with a white elephant gift exchange.  For those who did did join us last year, this was a great time of fun and fellowship.  Spouses welcome, but no children due to potential adult content and beverages. More details to follow.

Please remember that we will not be meeting on December 25th and January 1st, so the party is our chance to get together over the Holidays.

October 30, 2018 Meeting Minutes

We had a fun meeting!

Peter gave us a speech about Term Limits for Congress and was evaluated by Lois.

Ben gave us a speech about being Blissful and the Chinese interpretation of what that means.  He was evaluated by Brandon.

Aimee had people write down something nobody knew about them and then had volunteers draw one and share who they thought it was a why.  We had a lot of fun with Jeanine, Lois, Sonali, and Brandon taking turns.  Lois won with a great answer about arranged marriages.

Lois did an educational moment on why we shake hands to transition the lectern during the meeting.

We had one visitor who we hope to see again next week.

October 23, 2018 Meeting Minutes

We had a full house and a full meeting on Tuesday.

We had 1 guest, Kate, who found us on the internet and will be back next week.

Lois did an Ice Breaker titled “Who am I?” and shared here current adventures with her business. Jeanine evaluated her.

Miko also did an Ice Breaker and shared her story of coming to America. Aimee evaluated her.

Alex completed project #8 in the CC manual and told us how to read the labels at the grocery store. Andy evaluated him.

Ben was Table topics master and asked Greg to share an embarrassing moment and Rhonda shared her perspectives on “You Can’t Please Everyone.”

Greg won Table Topics for the day.

During our business meeting, Jeanine presented the Club Recognition Plan for Outspoken Toastmasters and the 2018-2019 Budget.  Both passed unanimously.

Please remember to sign up for roles.  This week, we did not have a grammarian or body language monitor because they were not filled before the meeting.  The only roles we will fill at the meeting itself are Evaluators, Timer, General Evaluator, Table Topic Master and Toastmaster if they are not already filled, or do not get there on time.  Other roles will be left open.

October 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes

What an informative meeting we had!

We started by voting in Donnette – welcome aboard!

Lois spoke about being BOLD and letting our Helium hands help us be bold. She was evaluated by Rhonda.

Aimee shared a presentation on getting through Level 1 in Pathways and navigating some of the basics. She was evaluated by Brandon.

Peter asked if we “Got CERT?” and talked about the Community Emergency Response Team, how it is useful and how to get involved. He was evaluated by Jeanine.

Rhonda was Table Topics Master and the theme for the day was Fall.

Alex talked about Autumn, Donnette talked about Halloween and Brandon talked about Thanksgiving.  Brandon won the Table Topics Award for the day.

Brandon elaborated on Aimee’s speech for the Educational Moment and talked about Pathways a little more.

Brandon shared that he will be competing in the Evaluation Contest for his other club, so Jeanine will be representing Outspoken for the Evaluation Contest at the Area and he will compete in the Humorous Speech at the Area.  The Area contest is October 13th from 1-4pm at Keiser University.  Please come out and support both of us.