Club Meeting Minutes – 06-11-2024

In attendance:On-Site – Brandon, Jeanine, Kyle, Peter, Kim, CarlosOn-Line – Nick and Andy Meeting started at 12:00 New Business – Marcus House was voted in as a new member Business Meeting concluded and adjourned to regular meeting at 12:10.

Club Meeting Minutes – 05-14-2024

in attendance: Online – Andy, Nick, Kyle On-site – Jeanine, Lois, Carlos, Brandon, Kim, Peter, Alex, Rhonda The meeting was called to order at 12:00. The slate of nominees was presented: Outspoken Toastmasters: Officer Positions for 2024-2025 PRES: Peter Palmer; Brandon KinseyVPE: Jeanine KinseyVPM: Kyle MitchellVPPR: Kim Cottrell, Carlos PenarandaSEC: Jeanine KinseyTREAS: Lois MargolinSGT AT… Continue reading Club Meeting Minutes – 05-14-2024

Club Meeting Minutes – 05-07-2024

In attendance:Online attendees – Andrew Bern, Robert Rizzo & Kyle MitchellOn-site attendees – Jeanine Kinsey, Lois Margolin, Kim Cottrell, Carlos Penaranda, Peter Palmer, Brandon Kinsey, Gregory Henry, Rhonda Sternberg Visitors were Alex Duran and Meir Singer Meeting was called to order at 12:10 PM Andrew Bern called for a vote to accept Alex Duran as… Continue reading Club Meeting Minutes – 05-07-2024

Club Meeting Minutes – 01-23-2024

Online Attendees – Andrew Bern, Nicholas Delfino and guest, Christine Campbell. Onsite Attendees – Jeanine Kinsey, Lois Margolin, Ashley Bailio, Peter Palmer, Rhonda Sternberg, Matt Kinsey, Brandon Kinsey, Greg Henry, Kim Cottrell, Carlos Peneranda and guest, Anya Jordan. The 2023-2024 Budget was presented by Lois Margolin.The Budget was unanimously approved by a quorum of members.… Continue reading Club Meeting Minutes – 01-23-2024

Club Meeting Minutes – 2023-07-25

In attendance were:Online – Andrew Bern, Nick Delfino, Rhonda Sternberg and Robert RizzoOn-site – Ashley Bailio, Brandon Kinsey, Carlos Penaranda, Gregory Henry, Jeanine Kinsey, Kyle Mitchell and Stephen Branson Club Business: As a result of the Toastmasters International Dues Increase, the Executive Committee brought a motion to: Waive the $15 club dues for October –… Continue reading Club Meeting Minutes – 2023-07-25